User Cyberdyne showcases his laptop build running FreeBSD operating system, featuring an i7 CPU, 16 GB of RAM, NVMe, and IPS display. Check out their page for a full break down of part slist, as well as the software configuration and packages.

I have always liked Thinkpad hardware and when I started to do more commuting I decided I needed something that had a decent sized screen but fit well on a bus. Luckily about this time Lenovo gave me a nice gift in the Thinkpad X390. Its basically the famous X2xx series but with a 13” screen and smaller bezel.

So with this laptop I figured it was time to actually put the docs together on how I got my FreeBSD workstation working on it. I will here in the near future have another post that will cover this for HardenedBSD as well since the steps are similar but have a few extra gotchas due to the extra hardening.


The guts are: …

My FreeBSD Laptop Build: