The FreeBSD Team’s 2nd quarter status report covers project initiatives from the Foundation, Core Team, Release Engineering, Cluster Administration, Continuous Integration, Ports Collection, etc. Notable projects worked on are FreeBSD on HyperV, Git Migration, NFS over TLS, SoC audio framework, bhyve NVMe emulation, RISC-V, Run-Time Dynamic Linker, KDE, Bastille, TRanslations, FreshPorts, Foundation Fundraising, Co-ops, FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE, Jenkins, FreeBSD Office Hours, and much much more.

FreeBSD Status Report

This report will be covering FreeBSD related projects between April and June, and covers a diverse set of topics ranging from kernel updates over userland and ports, as well to third-party work.

Some highlights picked with the roll of ad 100 include, but are not limited to, the ability to forcibly unmounting UFS when the underlying media becomes inaccessible, added preliminary support for Bluetooth Low Energy, a introduction to the FreeBSD Office Hours, and a repository of software collections called potluck to be installed with the pot utility, as well as many many more things.

As a little treat, readers can also get a rare report from the quarterly team.

Finally, on behalf of the quarterly team, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and thank you to salvadore@, who decided to take down his shingle. His contributions not just the quarterly reports themselves, but also the surrounding tooling to many-fold ease the work, are immeassurable.

We hope you find the report as interesting as we have,
Daniel Ebdrup Jensen (debdrup@), on behalf of the quarterly team.

FreeBSD Q2 2020 Status Report:

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report – Second Quarter 2020:

FreeBSD Foundation Q2 2020 Status Update