User Bao Baojun documents his experiences in developing Android applications under the FreeBSD operating system. Check out his journey in mixing a mobile Linux with FreeBSD at the link below.

I started using FreeBSD around May 2020. Don’t know why, maybe just got a bit tired with Linux, and needed something new (I’ve been using Linux for ~15 years, at 10th year, I made a video about my Linux daily usage).

So far I’m quite happy about FreeBSD experience. At one point, it was painful and I asked myself why are you doing this, man? I was about to give up, but then I take a deep breath and tried again, since deep down my heart I kind of know why I’m painful: it’s because I mixed the FreeBSD Quarterly version and the Latest version. The second time, I sticked with Quarterly.

All in all, FreeBSD is very stable! I loved it when I found the laptop (ThinkPad T440p) can sleep and wakeup reliably – on the other hand, X Window on Linux often fail to wake up, forcing me to restart the desktop session and losing all the open windows.

Android App development under FreeBSD: