Here’s a quick and easy tip by user I’m Kernel Dev on changing your IP address from dynamic to static on a FreeBSD server. The picture pretty much shows all the commands required, but read their post for an explanation on why it’s a good idea and some other best practices.

As a brand new user of FreeBSD I tried to install it on my laptop, that perhaps was a grave mistake because I managed to crash my system. I cannot fault FreeBSD or it’s documentation because they are thorough. I shot my own foot when I ventured out and tried installing it thinking I can wing it. Was I wrong? Absolutely!

I had to eventually resort to familiarity of Ubuntu. I didn’t give up on the idea on getting started on FreeBSD therefore this time I followed the documentation and installed it as a host on Virtualbox. When installing I chose the DHCP configuration for my network.

How to Set Up Static IP on Freebsd: