The developers of FreeBSD have made available the First Release Candidate of FreeBSD version 12.2. Notable changes are merging of OpenSSL 1.1.1h, fix for UFS hash checking, NFSv4.1, mmap’d, updates to Amazon EC2 AMIs, and several other bugs. You can view the full list of changes at the release notes below. Note that 12.2-RC2 is due to release very soon. Download the latest ISO/images here

A summary of changes since 12.2-BETA3 includes:

o OpenSSL 1.1.1h has been merged.

o A fix for UFS hash checking had been added.

o A fix for mmap'd writes in fusefs for writes in direct_io mode had
  been addressed.

o Amazon EC2 AMIs for arm64 have been updated to include ebsvnme-id.

o A fix to NFSv4.1 addressing a locking issue had been addressed.

o Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

A list of changes since 12.1-RELEASE is available in the releng/12.2
release notes:

Please note, the release notes page is not yet complete, and will be
updated on an ongoing basis as the 12.2-RELEASE cycle progresses.

FreeBSD 12.2-RC1 Now Available:


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