The FreeBSD Foundation recently introduced the Core Team 11 to take over projects such as Git migration, Code of Conduct update, the Working Group structure, and several other initiatives. Welcome to the new members, in addition to the returning members. Congrats to the Core Team for 20 years so far of keeping the FreeBSD Project alive and kicking!

Celebrating 20 years of democratic management of FreeBSD, and preparing for the next 20.

As Core Team 11 readies to take over management of the FreeBSD Project, we interviewed members of Core Team 10 for their observations on a productive two years.
“Democracy is a slow process of stumbling to the right decision instead of going straight forward to the wrong one.” — Anonymous
For 20 years, the FreeBSD Project has elected a group of 9 project Committers to serve two-year terms on the Core Team (CT for short). All active developers in the project are eligible to vote for the self-nominated candidates. The project website describes the role of the Core Team as follows:
The FreeBSD Core Team constitutes the project’s “Board of Directors”, responsible for deciding the project’s overall goals and direction as well as managing specific areas of the FreeBSD project landscape.

Core.10, which concluded in July ‘20, made several process decisions to tackle what they perceived to be a heavy workload: ……..

FreeBSD Core Team 10 in Review: