This guide by user Stephan Lichtenauer will show you how to set up a FreeBSD virtual data centre with Potluck. Potluck is a container database for FreeBSD, similar to Dockerhub. This is a three part tutorial, walking you through basic setup, Consul, Nomad, and test environment with Nginx. See the links below for the full set of instructions


Yes, FreeBSD Lacks Kubernetes – But It Does Not Really Matter…

One of the main complaints about FreeBSD is the lack of Docker and Kubernetes, which in turn is seen as inability to use FreeBSD as a platform for bleeding edge concepts like micro services and scale-out container orchestration.

While for sure the Linux ecosystem is more diverse with a broader selection of toolstacks to choose from, this article will show that FreeBSD also contains (more than) a complete selection of tools required to run a Virtual Datacenter (vDC).

Part I – Overview and Basic Setup:

Part II – Setting Up Consul, Nomad & Traefik:

Part III – Testing the Environment with Nginx & Git: