This tutorial by Internet Society will show you how to install FreeBSD in a VirtualBox environment. VirtualBox is a powerful, open-source virtualization tool that can run many different operating systems in a virtual environment. This module is a part of a introduction to network operations tutorial. See the link below for the full set of instructions.


For FreeBSD, this information can be found on this page:

Using tools like freebsd-update you can keep a production FreeBSD server up-to-date with the latest patches and bug fixes. With FreeBSD update you can also jump to a release with a longer life time support (eg it will be possible to jump from FreeBSD 9.2 to FreeBSD 10). 



Before you start to install for real, you are advised to work right through this emulation of the process and try out each action, so that when you start to install for real, each required action will be familiar to you.

You will need FreeBSD in order to complete further modules in this course, so it is important that you install it correctly.

If you do not read the instructions on these screens and/or do not pay attention to what is chosen in the screens during installation, you are very likely to install incorrectly.

Welcome to this FreeBSD Installation lesson.

Module 8: How to Install FreeBSD