Here are some BSD related posts, releases, discussions, questions, and security notices for the past month. Peace to BSD!

Refactoring the FreeBSD Kernel with Checked C via University of Rochester

ZFS Essentials article series via open-e

On the use of a life via Daemonic Dispatches

BSD Release: GhostBSD 20.08.04 via DistroWatch

Videoconferencing on FreeBSD via David Schlachter

Setting up FreeBSD on your PC/Laptop after installation via amirzaim


History of FreeBSD – Part 1: Unix and BSD

FreeBSD Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

FuryBSD 2020-Q3 The world’s first OpenZFS based live image

FreeBSD Instant-workstation 2020 via bobulate

Linux-Based TrueNAS SCALE Alpha Released via Phoronix

Kirk McKusick Speaks at Usenix (1999) via Daemon News

FreeBSD Foundation Celebrates 20 Years of Promoting and Supporting FreeBSD Project via Its Foss


OpenSolaris-Derived OmniOS CE Updated With A Ton Of Changes via Phoronix

OpenZFS 2.0-RC5 Released With Linux 5.10 Compatibility Updates, Fixes via Phoronix

MidnightBSD 2.0 Released: A FreeBSD-Derived OS For Desktop Users via Fossbytes

TrueNAS 12 Release is Out Farewell FreeNAS

VLOG Thursday 196 FreeNAS / TrueNAS, Business Talk and Errata

How does freeBSD package management/availability compare to Arch Linux? from freebsd

How to cross-compile for a FreeBSD target on Linux from golang

— Security Advisories —

FreeBSD : Flash Player — arbitrary code execution (42926d7b-0da3-11eb-8dbd-6451062f0f7a) via Tenable

FreeBSD : py-matrix-synapse — XSS vulnerability (5f39d80f-107c-11eb-8b47-641c67a117d8) via Tenable

FreeBSD : MariaDB — Undisclosed vulnerability (a2565962-1156-11eb-9c9c-d4c9ef517024) via Tenable

FreeBSD : MySQL — Multiple vulnerabilities (4fba07ca-13aa-11eb-b31e-d4c9ef517024) via Tenable

FreeBSD : chromium — multiple vulnerabilities (f4722927-1375-11eb-8711-3065ec8fd3ec) via Tenable

FreeBSD: VID-A2565962-1156-11EB-9C9C-D4C9EF517024 (CVE-2020-15180): MariaDB — Undisclosed vulnerability via Rapid7

FreeBSD : freetype2 — heap buffer overlfow (458df97f-1440-11eb-aaec-e0d55e2a8bf9) via Tenable

FreeBSD : motion — Denial of Service (94ffc0d9-1915-11eb-b809-b42e991fc52e) via Tenable

FreeBSD : asterisk — Remote crash in res_pjsip_session (972fe546-1fb6-11eb-b9d4-001999f8d30b) via Tenable

FreeBSD : chromium — multiple vulnerabilities (3ec6ab59-1e0c-11eb-a428-3065ec8fd3ec) via Tenable

FreeBSD: VID-9CA85B7C-1B31-11EB-8762-005056A311D1 (CVE-2020-14318): samba — Multiple Vulnerabilities via Rapid7

FreeBSD : wordpress — multiple issues (11325357-1d3c-11eb-ab74-4c72b94353b5) via Tenable

FreeBSD : samba — Multiple Vulnerabilities (9ca85b7c-1b31-11eb-8762-005056a311d1) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Gitlab — Multiple vulnerabilities (174e466b-1d48-11eb-bd0f-001b217b3468) via Tenable

FreeBSD : salt — multiple vulnerabilities (50259d8b-243e-11eb-8bae-b42e99975750) via Tenable

FreeBSD: VID-71C71CE0-0805-11EB-A3A4-0019DBB15B3F (CVE-2018-14718): payara — multiple vulnerabilities via Rapid7

FreeBSD : jupyter notebook — open redirect vulnerability (cf39ddf8-21be-11eb-8b47-641c67a117d8) via Tenable

FreeBSD: VID-11DC3890-0E64-11E8-99B0-D017C2987F9A (CVE-2018-5785): OpenJPEG — multiple vulnerabilities via Rapid7

FreeBSD Telnet Service Encryption Key ID Buffer Overflow via Rapid7

FreeBSD : libjpeg-turbo — Issue in the PPM reader causing a buffer overrun in cjpeg, TJBench, or the tjLoadImage() function. (23a667c7-0b28-11eb-8834-00155d01f202) via Tenable

FreeBSD : mantis — multiple vulnerabilities (19259833-26b1-11eb-a239-1c697a013f4b) via Tenable