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The August edition of BSD Magazine features FreeBSD 10.2, Raspberry Pi, FreeNAS, and more. Follow the link to download the PDF/ePub file.


Dear Readers,

We would like to introduce a new issue made by the BSD Team. This time you will deal with Unix and FreeBSD topics. You will learn more about the basic semantics of Unix United and you will learn how to start terminal in Unix.  Most of you know the FreeNAS very well so I would like to invite you to read the Expert says column and check “What’s the Difference Between TrueNAS and FreeNAS? Is TrueNAS Just FreeNAS Installed on a Server?” All your questions will be covered in this article written by Brett Davis. In this issue, we also continue to write about RaspberryPi and I hope you will find the article by Jerry Craft very useful and interesting for those of you who need and want to expand their knowledge on this topic. As always, I would like to thank you all for really great articles and your willingness to help me create this issue of BSD magazine.

Enjoy reading!
Ewa and BSD Team


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BSD Magazine November 2014


In this November issue of BSD Magazine, Tiago presents an article on how to use PPoE Concentrator Dual-Stack. Rob Somerville has articles on how to use GIMP, and the difference between geeks and nerds. In addition, Craig S. Wright shows us how to use 100+ UNIX commands, and Michael Ortega introduces Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner.

Download it from this link:

BSDMag – HardenedBSD


Let’s take a look at what you will read in this issue of BSD. First, our experts will instruct you on how to install and configure a dedicated web server. Afterwards, we will head to our series of 100+ Unix Commands and Find out About System Configuration. Last but not least, we will learn all about the proactive project for boosting FreeBSD security, HardenedBSD, and much more. Check out this issue for more articles and tutorials.

Head on over to the following link to download this edition of BSDMag: