BSD Mag 2010-01 – Infinity. Freedom. FreeBSD

The 2010 Q1 issue of BSD Mag is now available.

Table of contents:

bsdmag2010-01Keeping FreeBSD Up-To-Date: OS Essentials

An important system administration task, and a principle of running a defensible network, is keeping operating systems and applications up-to-date.

Using BSD for your Studies

About four years ago I was starting my undergraduate computing degree. I knew that UNIX-like operating systems had proven themselves in the server room, but how would they fare in the lecture theatre?

The FreeBSD Chatterbox

Day in and day out, your FreeBSD sits there quietly, processing its workload. It never complains or asks for any favors, but what would it say if it could talk?

Encrypting the FreeBSD root file system

Systems are only as secure as you make them. Thankfully, FreeBSD offers an excellent range of tools and mechanisms to insure that all your security needs are met.

Setting up PC-BSD as a server

PC-BSD is so easy to install and the KDE-desktop easy enough to use that we might almost forget it’s roots as server operating system. Now, and in the future, the majority of desktop users might not consider this piece of information of any value.

How to Build a Scalable Search Engine Using the BuildaSearch Web Service

BuildaSearch was featured in the 4/2009 issue of BSD Magazine. While other articles do a fantastic job focusing on core BSD technology, I feel that it is also important to cover web services powered by BSD systems.

Is NetBSD ready for a desktop?

In this article I am focusing on the usability of the NetBSD as a desktop. I would like to show what NetBSD can do today and whether it is mature enough to challenge PC-BSD or Linux. If you want to know, keep reading.

FreeBSD on the SheevaPlug

Though NetBSD is better known for supporting a wide variety of processors and systems, FreeBSD has an active embedded component, as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ARM-based SheevaPlug and show you how to boot your Plug using FreeBSD.

Email server in FreeBSD Configuring FreeBSD as a mail server with Postfix and Dovecot in FreeBSD 7.X

This tutorial is a step by step guide on how to setup your own mail server using Postfix as the Mail Transfer Agent(MTA) and Dovecot as the IMAP server and as the authenticating agent for Postfix. These instructions were tested with FreeBSD 7.2

Monitoring OpenBSD with Symon

Once you have your OpenBSD Server running, you might want to monitor your machine. There are several ways to do this and there is a large amount of tools you could use for it.

BSD as the Platform for Operationalizing Organizational Flexability via a Data Concourse

A major change is about to take place in large organizations worldwide and BSD is positioned perfectly to play a starring role.

Living The PC-BSD Lifestyle

Some people are Mac, some are Windows, I am PC-BSD. PC-BSD is more than an operating system, it’s a lifestyle.

BSD Tips&trics

In this issue of BSD Tips and Tricks, readers share some of their favourite tips for solving problems and saving time.

How to Rename Ethernet Interfaces Under FreeBSD

I haven’t written about things like this in a while but the question was put to me and I thought it’d be worth jotting something down.

Year 40 of the UNIX epoch begins

As many UNIX/Linux users know, all UNIX like operating systems start the count of time at January 1, 1970, the start of the UNIX epoch. Yes, I know that this is not precisely when the UNIX operating system was born but for our purposes it will do. It is similar to the idea that January 1, 2010 A.D. does not really represent the precise time since the birth of Christ (astronomers have proven this to be off by a few years) but we still use it as a time marker.


Free BSD Mag issues – download now

The following BSD Mag issues can be downloaded (PDF) from the bsdmag website:

guide-to-freebsdGuide to FreeBSD

  • Installing FreeBSD 7.1 with Enhanced Security Jails
  • OpenSMTPD
  • Getting a GNOME Desktop on FreeBSD
  • Packaging Software for OpenBSD – part 2
  • A Jabber Data Transfer Component
  • Building a FreeBSD Wireless Router
  • CPU Scaling on FreeBSD Unix
  • LDAP Authentication on OpenBSD Boxes
  • FreeBSD and Snort Intrusion Detection System
  • Building an Embedded Video Web Server with NetBSD
  • FreeBSD Tips
  • Maintaining System Configuration Files Using Subsversion
  • Q&A about Dtrace


pc-bsd-uncoveredPC-BSD uncovered

  • Installing PC-BSD Fibonacci Edition
  • Software management simplfi ed: PC-BSD and the PBI system
  • Personalizing Your PC-BSD Desktop
  • Using FreeBSD for Off-Site Backups
  • Building NetBSD for Embedded Systems Using Cygwin
  • ABC’s of ZFS
  • Django on FreeBSD
  • Open Source Studio to Transmitter Link (OSSTL)
  • PC-BSD – Making Your Life Easier
  • Interview with PC-BSD
  • Green Eggs & BSD…


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    BSD Mag issue 6 – BSD Security & OpenBSD 4.5

    bsd magazineThe 6th issue of BSD Mag is now available. The topic for this month is BSD Security & OpenBSD 4.5.

    Interested in the BSD Mag but don’t want to commit to a subscription yet? Have a look at these 3 free issues (PDF) and decide.

    This is the table of contents of the latest issue:

    Installing OpenBSD

    OpenBSD 4.5 is the latest version of OpenBSD released in May, 2009. This article will walk you through its installation in great details. For a quick start boot the attached DVD with OpenBSD 4.5.

    Postgresql, shared memory and BSD

    This series of articles will compare a basic installation of Postgresql on various flavors of BSD, and compare the performance between them given similar shared memory settings.

    Triple booting Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 and PC-BSD 7.1

    In this article we will give a step-by-step guide to installing three different operating systems on the same hard drive.

    BuildaSearch a FreeBSD Web Service

    BuildaSearch is a web service which allows users to build a custom search engine or site search in less than five minutes. No coding skills are necessary when building a custom search. Users can customize their colors, backgrounds, logos, and search results.

    Web Servers for Embedded NetBSD

    Web-based user interfaces have become ubiquitous for all sorts of electronic gear these days. If you are building a network-capable device, chances are you will want to add a web server to your device’s software, as well – it’s generally cheaper than a hardware interface and far easier to change or update.

    Out-of-the-box sshfs on NetBSD 5.0

    Sshfs makes it possible to mount a remote directory tree onto the local machine. Only ssh access is required for this.

    FreeBSD Security Event Auditing

    Security is increasingly a hot topic in systems administration. Vulnerable systems get patches, firewalls get set up and password policies are enforced. But in the end, all these measures cannot eliminate the risk of a system break-in. They can only reduce it.

    Securing OpenSSH server

    OpenSSH is free implementation of SSH suite. Many of us use it on a daily basis and got so used to it we couldn’t imagine our lives without it.

    Staying Secure using PC-BSD

    “Help! Pop-ups are destroying my computer!” I cannot count how many times I have heard those words come from my brother’s mouth.

    Stop Hackers With Protection Script

    I suppose you have a border server that is freely accessible from the internet or you just want to have a secure machine. Whichever the case is, I will tell you my story.

    OpenBSD on the Sharp Zaurus

    If you look at the OpenBSD Platforms page ( ) you’ll see Zaurus down at the bottom. Is it there just so that the OpenBSD team can safely say that they support a multitude of platforms, from Alpha to Zaurus?

    Questions and Answer Session of the BSD Certification Group Community

    Recently, the BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) asked via their mailing lists for questions regarding the BSDCG or the BSDA exam, offering to answer them in this issue of BSD Mag.

    Interview with Albert Whale

    My name is Albert Whale, the President of ABS Computer Technology. I am a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, and I work with my company on Security and Consulting opportunities on an international basis.

    Interview with Matt Juszczak

    Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Juszczak creator of and ask him some questions about the project. I would like to thank Matt for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with me about the project. The following is a synopsis of that Q&A session.

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    BSD magazine – Special Subscription Offer

    As most of you will know by now, the BSD Magazine will continue to stay. For a few weeks its future existence was in doubt, but with a number of last minute subscriptions and magzine sales, the publisher has decided to give BSD Mag another chance.

    Chief editor of the magazine, Karolina, contacted me to let you all know about a special subscription offer that’s on:

    • subscribe to a one-year or two-year subscription of the BSD magazine
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    Also, the magazine will contain 80 pages going forward instead of 60.

    Current issue

    • Installing FreeBSD 7.1 with Enhanced Security Jails…
    • OpenSMTPD…
    • Getting a GNOME Desktop on FreeBSD…
    • Packaging Software for OpenBSD – part 2…
    • A Jabber Data Transfer Component…
    • Building a FreeBSD Wireless Router…
    • CPU Scaling on FreeBSD Unix…
    • LDAP Authentication on OpenBSD Boxes…
    • FreeBSD and Snort Intrusion Detection System…
    • Building an Embedded Video Web Server with NetBSD…
    • FreeBSD Tips…
    • Maintaining System Configuration Files Using Subsversion…
    • Q&A about Dtrace…
    • more

    Save the BSD Magazine

    I have been a subscriber since issue no 1, and I’m looking forward to many more issues. Karolina, the editor of BSD Magazine, has send round the following email:

    I am sure most of you already heard that BSD magazine is going to be closed, due to much lower benefits than expected and the economy in general…

    There is one last chance thought – if I somehow manage to increase the sales figures in stores the magazine will be published. I was given only one week (till Monday). Not much, but better than nothing. I think it is worth trying!

    I can’t do it alone -so I am asking you for your help and support. I know most of you are already helping and I am really thankful for that.

    If you could help me to promote the magazine on all forums, portals, blogs or anywhere else I would be really grateful.

    I have attached the cover of the most current issue of BSD magazine if you would like to use it.

    Please spread the word about BSD magazine!

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    It would be a shame to see BSD Mag disappear after only 5 issues….

    BSD Magazine – support it

    The BSD Magazine has been round for over a year now and has produced some very interesting issues. The editors have now provided a brochure suitable to give away at BSD/Linux events.

    Those who’d like to have a look at the magazine without having to commit to a subscription, can now download some articles from the NetBSD issue and the whole OpenBSD-focused issue.

    The latest issue is devoted to FreeBSD: A Guide to FreeBSD

    Table of Contents:

    • Installing FreeBSD 7.1 with Enhanced Security Jails…
    • OpenSMTPD…
    • Getting a GNOME Desktop on FreeBSD…
    • Packaging Software for OpenBSD – part 2…
    • A Jabber Data Transfer Component…
    • Building a FreeBSD Wireless Router…
    • CPU Scaling on FreeBSD Unix…
    • LDAP Authentication on OpenBSD Boxes…
    • FreeBSD and Snort Intrusion Detection System…
    • Building an Embedded Video Web Server with NetBSD…
    • FreeBSD Tips…
    • Maintaining System Configuration Files Using Subsversion…
    • Q&A about Dtrace…

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    BSD Magazine – Q2 2009 (PC-BSD Uncovered)

    A new issue of the BSD Magazine is now available (Q2 2009).

    The following is the table of contents:

    Installing PC-BSD Fibonacci Edition – Jerry Dixon
    Man pages? We don’t need no stinkin’ man pages. I don’t need to show you any man pages. Well, that being said, at least review the hardware requirements prior to selecting your computer platform.

    Software management simplfied: PC-BSD and the PBI system – Jan Stedehouder
    What is the best way of installing software on a FreeBSD-based system? The FreeBSD handbook doesn’t provide a single answer as both packages and ports have their benefi ts. All you have to do is open a terminal and…

    Personalizing Your PC-BSD Desktop – James T. Nixon III
    What is the point of having a personal computer if it isn’t personal? The vast amount of possibilities when customizing your PC-BSD desktop can be overwhelming. There are several aspects of PC-BSD that need to be understood before moving forward.

    Using FreeBSD for Off-Site Backups – Eric Vintimilla
    It is becoming increasingly important for people to have backup systems in place. This is especially true for people who hoard multimedia content. What would happen if someone’s hard drive failed and it contained their entire music library?

    Building NetBSD for Embedded Systems Using Cygwin – Donald T. Hayford
    You might think it is unusual that a magazine devoted to the *BSD operating systems would have an article about Cygwin, a Linux-like environment that runs on Windows.

    ABC’s of ZFS - Amjith Ramanujam
    ZFS is a state of the art fi lesystem developed by Sun Microsystems. ZFS was first introduced in the OpenSolaris operating system and was later ported to FreeBSD 7.

    Django on FreeBSD – Dan Fairs
    Dan Fairs, Director of Fez Consulting Ltd., a UK-based software development consultancy, introduces Django: a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

    Open Source Studio to Transmitter Link (OSSTL) – Jason Ellison
    A local nonprofi t radio station owns a studio that provides feeds for two AM radio stations and one FM radio station. The content provided for the two AM station’s is mostly syndicated talk radio with a very little music content.

    PC-BSD – Making Your Life Easier – Matt Olander
    Accomplishing common tasks on PC-BSD may be executed effectively and efficiently by using built-in configuration tools and locating system settings that may increase overall usability and performance.

    Interview with PC-BSD – Federico Biancuzzi , BSD Team
    To celebrate this issue of the magazine fully dedicated to PC-BSD, I had the opportunity to do a quick question and answer session with Kris Moore and Matt Olander.

    Green Eggs & BSD… – Mikel King
    BSD is here BSD is there, BSD is everywhere. Well not exactly, but there certainly is a proliferation of BSD throughout the Internet. The problem is and quite honestly has been quantifying the impact of BSD on the corporate LAN.

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    BSD Magazine – Issue 3 – January 2009

     bsdmagazine 3The third issue of the BSD Magazine (January 2009) is out now.

    More than 60 pages full of news, great articles, tutorials, how-to’s and extras. This is the table of contents:

    What’s new

    6 BSD news

     DVD contents

    8 DVD contents description

     Get Started

    10 NetBSD install (Patrick Pippen)
    16 MirOS BSD: the peaceful operating system (Benny Siegert, Thorsten Glaser)
    22 BSD Live CD’s – an entry level acquaintance? (Jan Stedehouder)
    28 How it works? Opensolaris, FreeBSD, OpenSuSe (David Gurvich) 


    32 Multi-User Conferencing (Eric Schnoebelen, Michelle Cranmer)
    38 GDB and you – part 1 (Carlos Neira) 

    Security Corner

    42 Installing Prelude IDS (Henrik Lund Kramshoj)
    46 If it moves! crypt it – hard drive encryption on BSD (Marko Melenovic) 


    50 Packaging Software for OpenBSD – part 1 (Edd Barrett)


    54 Play Music on your Slug with NetBSD (Donald T. Hayford) 


    62 Interview iwth Simon Burge, Antti Kantee, and Greg Oster (Federico Biancuzzi)


    65 Dru Lavigne’s The Best of FreeBSD BAsics (Peter N.M. Hansteen)

    For info and subscriptions visit