BSDCan 2010 videos and photos

BSDCan 2010 is over. Time to glean pictures, videos and presentations:

FreeBSD Dev Summit

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BSDStats – June 2009

These are the final BSD usage numbers for June 2009 from showing the use of *BSD operating systems:

  • PC-BSD 17,156 (71.39%)
  • FreeBSD 5,483 (22.82%)
  • DesktopBSD 1206 (5.02%)
  • NetBSD 70 (0.29%)
  • OpenBSD 55 (0.23%)
  • DragonFlyBSD 12 (0.12%)
  • MidnightBSD 14 (0.06%)
  • MirBSD 11 (0.05%)
  • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 8 (0.03%)

Note, these numbers aren’t in any way a true representation of the use of BSD systems. PC-BSD and DesktopBSD have the BSDStats port installed by default (which can be turned off), whereas on other BSD systems the scrip has to be manually installed

Many thanks to Igor (Abaza) for reminding me about the bsdstats numbers. showing eroneous data?

I’ve noticed today that is showing  only 1,145 users for FreeBSD  and 1,393 for PC-BSD so far this month. Usually the number for FreeBSD is around 4,000 servers/PCs at the beginning of each month, which then climbs up to around 5,000 at the end of the month. Most of these are servers that are on 24/7 so they ping immediately at the beginning of the month. The number of PC-BSD users tends to go up slowly throughout the month to around 5,000 users. The total of 1,393 PC-BSD users so far this month is possibly correct, but I’m not sure about the 1,145 FreeBSD servers/users.

Anybody aware of any problems or changed scripts?

BSDStats numbers (December 2007)

These are the final BSD usage numbers for December 2007 from showing the use of *BSD operating systems:

  • FreeBSD 5,780 (47.2%)
  • PC-BSD 5,506 (44.9%)
  • DesktopBSD 745 (6.1%)
  • NetBSD 116 (0.9%)
  • OpenBSD 61 (0.5%)
  • DragonFlyBSD 25 (0.2%)
  • MidnightBSD 12 (0.1%)
  • MirBSD 6 (0.0%)
  • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 2 (0.0%)

BSDStats numbers (Oct 2007)

These are the final figures from for October 2007 showing the use of *BSD operating systems:

  • PC-BSD 7554 (54.2%)
  • FreeBSD 5614 (40.3%)
  • DesktopBSD 554 (4.0%)
  • NetBSD 111 (0.8%)
  • OpenBSD 71 (0.5%)
  • DragonFlyBSD 21 (0.2%)
  • MirBSD 7 (0.1%)
  • MidnightBSD 6 (0.0%)
  • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 2 (0.0%)

PC-BSD is #1 for a few months now, but that can be explained since bsdstats pinging is on by default. I’m pretty sure there are many more FreeBSD servers out there, but without the BSDstats port installed. This port can be installed from /usr/ports/sysutils/bsdstats/

Spread the word about this port and install it on your own PC/Server (the pinging is done anonymously).

The BSD Community must be a lot bigger than 13,940 PCs/Servers ;-) Let’s prove how strong the *BSD community is.

BSDStats numbers (May 2007) is a website that records the numbers of PCs/servers running a particular BSD system. This is broken down per country, releases, drivers/HW stats, CPU stats, and port stats.

Though these figures are interesting enough, they cannot be used for any benchmarking or market analysis or so, since the software that anonymously updates (pings) the bsdstats server is not (yet) installed on a lot of/most servers (e.g. FreeBSD) or it’s not mandatory to use when pre-installed (e.g. PC-BSD). The numbers are likely to be much higher. The counters reset at the first day of each month (servers that are on 24/7/365) or when the computer is first switched on.

The numbers, that we’re interested in as far as this blog is concerned, for May 2007 are:

  • FreeBSD – 5,131 systems – 53.0 %
  • PC-BSD – 4,265 systems – 44.1 %
  • DesktopBSD – 28 systems – 0.3 %

Please note, that the number for DesktopBSD (28) is not correct this month. There are likely to be many more users but the update script contacted the BSDStats server on 1 May at half 5 in the morning only. All PCs that were off at that time aren’t included in this number. This problem will be fixed in the upcoming RC3.