Android on FreeBSD

gferenc88 wrote up a guide showing how to get Android running in Oracle VM VirtualBox on FreeBSD.

Maybe it is not a big thing, but I have managed to run the Android OS with OpenGL support on FreeBSD.

Before we start, you must have enabled the Linuxulator and install the Linux base distribution from ports (emulators/linux_base-f10).

Here is how he did it: Android on FreeBSD

android freebsd


bsdroid google android

BSDroid was a project that ported the Android framework to FreeBSD, and the main goal of project was to provide native binaries for tools and make it possible to develop Android applications on FreeBSD powered system without Android SDK for Linux.

Unfortunately, it has gone all quiet. Does anybody know what’s happening with BSDroid?


Edmondas emailed me about a new project: FreeBroid

FreeBSD is one of the best operating systems and Android is developing into something awesome, so why not combine the two?

is porting Android to FreeBSD. It, now, enables FreeBSD users to develop Android without installation of Linux. The target of the project to run Android on FreeBSD; a.k.a. with BSD kernel.