FreeBSD in 2007 – a review

FreeBSD in 2007 – a review

2007 is over. It was a very successful year for open source software and another 12 interesting months have passed for FreeBSD. In this post I want to look back at 2007 and see how FreeBSD faired, what happened in “FreeBSD land” and how FreeBSD based...

Where is pfSense 1.2?

The release of pfSense 1.2 has been delayed which has been caused by a number of minor issues. The developers want 1.2 to be the beste release ever, hence their concentrating on (potential) bugs. 1.2-RC4 can be expected some time in the next couple of weeks and then...

Interested in a pfSense training course?

Chris and Scott, 2 pfSense developers, are considering putting together a 4 hour training course on pfSense, starting from an introduction and installation, and covering as much material as possibly can be done in 4 hours (4 hours is the max duration of a training...

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pfSense 1.2 RC3 released

The pfSense team have now released version 1.2-RC3. A lot of new improvements and features have been added to this version, a list of which can be found here. Here’s an upgrade note.