BSDCon: Barcelona 2008

A new BSD conference is being organised: BSDCon Barcelona 2008. This event is to be held in Barcelona from 19-20 April 2008 and the organisers are aiming to make this an annual event to cater for the growing BSD community in Spain.

Details about registering, presentations etc can be found on the website which is in Spanish, but if you use this link, Google translates it into English.

For more details or if you’d be willing to do a presentation, contact toomany [at@] toomany [dot.] net

BSDA exam available from

BSD CertificationDru Lavigne has announced that the BSD Certification Group has finished the BSDA exam beta process and that it is now gone live. The BSD Associate certification marks the entry level for professional, community-based BSD certification, and work will continue to offer a certification for BSD Professionals (BSDP) next.

During 2008 the exam will be offered at technical conferences across the globe, in English only, and paper-based. The registration website for all BSDA exams is here. This site contains a calendar of upcoming events with details on each event. There is also a contact form should you wish to suggest an event.

FreeBSD in 2007 – a review

2007 is over. It was a very successful year for open source software and another 12 interesting months have passed for FreeBSD. In this post I want to look back at 2007 and see how FreeBSD faired, what happened in “FreeBSD land” and how FreeBSD based operating systems have developed. This post will be a sort of summary of the messages I posted during 2007.

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We’ll be looking at:

Start of this blog

Around April last year I was toying with the idea of starting a FreeBSD related news blog with the view to raise more awareness of FreeBSD and show it’s a perfect alternative to Linux. My first post was on 17 May 2007 and since then visitor numbers have rapidly gone up and feedback from visitors indicates that there’s definitely interest in such a blog. With the continuing growth of my hosted blog, I wanted to get some more flexibility and the ability to install plugins and scripts. Hence my move to Bluehost/FreeBSDOS (BTW, if you’re looking for cheap and reliable webhosting, I can really recommend them).

FreeBSD in 2007

FreeBSD LogoUnfortunately 2007 didn’t see the final release of FreeBSD 7.0; just 4 beta’s and a RC1. Well, maybe not “unfortunately”, because a top-quality product is better than a rushed-out flaky one that needs to be fixed and patched soon after its release. FreeBSD 7.0 incorporates some new and exciting technologies which will put this version a-par with, if not ahead of, Linux. Exciting stuff.

The FreeBSD Foundation have issued their quarterly newsletters (Q2, Q3, Q4), keeping the world up-to-date with the latest developments and news. The Foundation received a lot of coverage online and in the blogosphere with their Absolute FreeBSD book auction and their fund raising drive. The 2007 fundraising goal was $250.000, but a total of $403,511 was achieved. Well done.

There are already a couple of Linux related magazines for sale in stores, but BSD magazines aren’t available currently. “An interesting opportunity“, Software Media LLC/LP Magazine must have thought. They will issue first issue at the beginning of Q2 2008 and will contain an article by Dru Lavigne and Jan Stedehouder (Jan used and reviewed both PC-BSD and DesktopBSD for a month in his PC-BSB: the first 30 days and DesktopBSD: the first 30 days series).

Conference-wise, the ‘normal’ BSD conferences (BSDCan, EuroBSD, MeetBSD) were held, with a new one in Turkey (BSDConTR).

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BSDCan 2008; dates and call for papers

BSDCan 2008, held in May, in Ottowa, has the initial call for papers out. They have space for informal talks and presentations too.

BSDCan is an enormously successful grass-roots style conference. It brings together a great mix of *BSD developers and users for a nice blend of both developer-centric and user-centric presentations, food, and activities.

BSDCan 2008 will be held 16-17 May 2008, in Ottawa.

The organisers are now requesting proposals for papers. The papers should be written with a very strong technical content bias.

AsiaBSDCon 2008 update

AsiaBSDCon 2008 is scheduled for March 27-30 in Tokyo. The deadline for paper proposals has been extended to December 11th. A mailing list has been set up for those who want to stay up-do-date with the latest announcements.

AsiaBSDCon is a conference for users and developers on BSD based systems. The next conference will be held in Tokyo, in March of 2008. The conference is for anyone developing, deploying and using systems based on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Darwin and MacOS X. AsiaBSDCon is a technical conference and aims to collect the best technical papers and presentations available to ensure that the latest developments in our open source community are shared with the widest possible audience.

meetBSD 2007 Conference, Warshaw

meetBSD is the biggest and the best technical conference in Poland devoted to open source solutions based on BSD systems
The meetBSD 2007 conference will take place in Warsaw from November 17th to 18th.

meetBSD is a periodic conference devoted to UNIX like operating systems with a strong emphasis towards BSD family, open source projects and people connected to them. The main principle of meetBSD is its strict technical character and high level of lectures. The conference is dedicated to BSD professionals as well as to people that would like to start their adventure in the “really free” world of BSD.

High level of lectures is being appreciated by both participants and organizers. Year by year meetBSD is getting bigger and more popular – also abroad. Organizers try to exploit that fact and that is the main reason for having more and more guests from foreign countries. Thanks to this participants have a chance of getting acquainted with the ideas, projects and people being directly involved in the development process of BSD.

As for now the following lecturers from abroad announced their presence:

  • Brooks Davis, FreeBSD Core Team member, (USA)
  • Christian Brueffer, FreeBSD committer, (Germany)
  • Philip Paeps, FreeBSD committer, (Belgia)
  • Matt Olander, iXsystems, (USA)
  • Kris Kennaway, FreeBSD committer, (Australia)

Lecturers from Poland:

  • Pawe? Jakub Dawidek, FreeBSD committer, (Warszawa)
  • Dominik Hamera, Jakub Klausa (Wroclaw)
  • Adam Bartman, Rafa? Grzebyk (Wroclaw)
  • Rafa? Jaworowski (Krakow)
  • Slawek Zak (Warszawa)
  • Jan Srzednicki (Krakow)

It is advised that you register as soon as possible if you’re interested since the number of participants is limited. In previous years all tickets were sold out before the official registration deadline!

For more details and registration please visit