FreeBSD Foundation call for donations

FreeBSD foundation logoWe’re over half way through 2009, but the FreeBSD Foundation has not reached half of their 2009 fundraising goal. Justin Gibbs, founder and president of the FreeBSD Foundation, is calling on people’s generosity to support.

The Foundation is (part)funding some of the (Free)BSD conferences, sends developers to attend and funds new projects.

Justin writes:

Millions of systems run FreeBSD.  Hundreds of volunteers contribute to FreeBSD’s success.  But what is the size of FreeBSD’s user base?  This simple question is very hard to answer, but its answer is vital to the cause of promoting FreeBSD.  It is extremely difficult to convince
businesses to invest time and money to add FreeBSD support to their products based solely on vague estimates of the size of our community.
We should know – working to make FreeBSD a more widely supported platform is a task the FreeBSD Foundation has worked on since its inception.

Please help us in our fight to promote FreeBSD.  A donation to the FreeBSD Foundation helps fund our work, but it also gives us strength in numbers.  Our count of unique donors is a vital indication of the size and buying power of our community.  However, we have never broken even one thousand donors in any year.  We know in our hearts that this is a small fraction of our user base and of those who want to help expand FreeBSD’s presence.

So stand up and be counted!  Make a donation.  Encourage other FreeBSD users to donate as well.  No donation amount is too large or too small.  Just by becoming a donor you are making a powerful statement about the strength of FreeBSD!

You can make a donation by going to:

To find out more about The FreeBSD Foundation, please visit

FreeBSD foundation newsletter – June 2009

The FreeBSD Foundation have released their quarterly update. It gives a nice overview of the projects and conferences that are funded by the Foundation.
Table of contents:
  • Letter From the President
  • 2009 Fundraising Drive
  • Dru Lavigne Helping Foundation
  • Safe Removal of Active Disk Devices
  • Wireless Mesh Support
  • Improvements to the FreeBSD TCP Stack
  • AVR32 Support
  • Problem Reporting Prototype
  • FreeBSD Powers Long Distance Wireless Link
  • DCBSDCon 2009
  • AsiaBSDCon 2009
  • Foundation at BSDCan and Developer Recognition
  • 2009 Grant and Travel Grant Recipients
  • BSDCan Spotlight
  • Financials

Read the whole issue here.

The foundation is still way away from their donation target. To support FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Foundation, why not make a donation on their website? If you ever decide to support my website, 10% of your donation will be given to the Foundation.

Since recent times, the Foundation have their own blog and twitter account.

FreeBSD Foundation Project: FreeBSD terminal layer

The FreeBSD Foundation has announced another project that they’re funding:

Ed Schouten has been awarded a grant to write a new console driver for the FreeBSD project. We are excited to support Ed in providing a more efficient and user friendly console driver.

This project will allow Ed to add an additional abstraction layer to the kernel. This new layer, the terminal layer will be a layer that sits between the TTY layer, the kernel console (cngetc, cnputc) and the actual console driver. Right now we have a terminal emulator (libteken) that is part of Syscons. This terminal emulator will be moved into this
terminal layer.

The advantage of having such a layer, is that the console driver itself does not have to care about any TTY semantics, streams of bytes, processing escape sequences, etc. It will just receive a set of character drawing, filling and copying actions. This should also make it easier to implement Unicode.

“During this project I’m going to continue the work I did with the TTY layer, by developing a new console driver for the FreeBSD kernel,”

said Ed Schouten, FreeBSD Developer.

“By moving towards a graphics mode console driver, it will be much easier to make the boot process look nice on desktop systems (i.e. PC-BSD). It will also make it possible to support the industry-standard Unicode character sets by default.”

This project will be completed by the end of December.

Announcement: Two new projects funded by the FreeBSD Foundation

The FreeBSD Foundation has announced they have accepted two project proposals!

AVR32 – 32-bit MIPS Architecture

Arnar Mar Sig has been awarded a grant to develop AVR32 support for FreeBSD. AVR32 is a 32-bit MIPS architecture targeted for low power high throughput embedded applications. The target platform is the NGW100 reference design board from Atmel.

“This work will advance the MIPS support in FreeBSD and our capabilities in building embedded applications,”

said Sam Leffler, The FreeBSD Foundation, Director.

“I’m excited to be able to work on bringing FreeBSD to another architecture and pushing it farther into the embedded market,”

said Arnar Mar Sig, FreeBSD developer.

The project will be completed by August 2009.

FreeBSD Problem Reporting System

Mark Linimon has been awarded a grant to prototype a new problem reporting system for the FreeBSD project.  This project will allow Mark to define the features, look-and-feel, and architecture of a future replacement of the project’s current GNATs based system.  Once the prototype is complete, it will be used to garner input from the FreeBSD community before a production system is implemented.

Mark holds two positions within FreeBSD: one on the Ports Management team (portmgr) and one on the Problem Report Database administration team (bugmeister). He has also written the Ports Monitoring System to correlate data from the package building cluster, the Problem Report Database, the source control repository check-ins, and other sources.

“One of the most frequently requested improvements from the FreeBSD developer community is an improved bug tracking system,”

said Mark Linimon. He also added,

“The design goals of this prototype are to incorporate such features as markedly improved workflow, better categorization, customizable email notifications, and redesigned web pages to make searching and browsing easier. Once the prototype is completed,” Mark added, “it will be circulated amongst the developer community for feedback. I am happy to have the Foundation’s support to work on this project.”

“Problem reporting software is a critical tool for getting feedback from the FreeBSD user community, recording information about defects and missing features in the system, and making our volunteer developers productive,”

said Justin Gibbs, Founder of the FreeBSD Foundation.

“Mark has used manpower and sheer will to overcome the deficiencies in the current problem reporting system, and to make it work for the project.  But our GNATs isn’t fully utilized because of missing features and a clumsy user interface. We’re very excited to help address these problems in a core piece of the FreeBSD project’s infrastructure.”

This project will be completed by the end of June.

I’m sure everybody will join me to congratulate Mark and Arnar on their successful applications. We’re looking forward to AVR32 support for FreeBSD and a new FreeBSD bug reporting system.

FreeBSD Foundation Project: IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh

A couple of days ago, Google announced it’s sponsoring some FreeBSD related projects in its annual Summer of Code. Now the FreeBSD Foundation has also announced it has accepted a project (not GSoC) for funding.

Rui Paulo will be implementing the forthcoming IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh standard for FreeBSD. Wireless mesh networks are 

expected to become widespread as routers and network appliances deploy them, allowing wireless networks to be built and extended dynamically. Support for the standard will allow FreeBSD consumers to take advantage of this new technology.

FreeBSD foundation logoAs well as end-users, FreeBSD-based product vendors will benefit from access to mesh networking technology in building future versions of their products,

said Robert Watson, president of the FreeBSD Foundation.

I am thrilled to be bringing such an exciting and technically advanced feature to the FreeBSD operating system,

said FreeBSD Developer Rui Paulo. The project will be completed by July 2009.

FreeBSD Foundation update – February 2009

FreeBSD foundation logoThe FreeBSD Foundation has issued today the following update:

Accepting Project Proposals

Do you have a great idea for improving FreeBSD? Do you need funding to get the job done? We are currently accepting project proposals until March 10. We will consider work relating to any of the major subsystems or infrastructure with the FreeBSD Operating System. A budget of $30,000 was allocated to fund multiple development projects. Click here to find out more.

Conference Travel Grants

Do you want to attend AsiaBSDCon or BSDCan, but don’t have the funds? Take advantage of our travel grant program. We have allocated $22,000 this year for providing travel grants for FreeBSD developers and contributors to attend the various FreeBSD related conferences. Click here to find out more about our travel grant program. If you do want financial assistance for attending AsiaBSDCon, please submit your application soon!

Foundation Provides USB Analyzers

The foundation provided two Beagle 480 USB Analyzers to FreeBSD developers. We are very grateful to TotalPhase for donating one of the analyzers to us. The board believes the analyzers will be a useful tool for our developers to use in diagnosing problems and doing performance analysis.

The analyzer will be used for not only developing the USB framework, including the NEWUSB and USB device drivers, but also debugging problems found by users,

commented Weongyo Jeong, FreeBSD developer.

The Foundation grant for a USB analyzer will help me provide better support for existing devices, profile the USB stack to ensure the bus is fully utilized, and make it easier to add drivers for new hardware,

said Andrew Thompson, FreeBSD developer.

Conference Sponsorship

We were a sponsor for DCBSDCon in February and are a sponsor for AsiaBSDCon in March and EuroBSDCon in September. We allocated $30,000 towards conferences and meetings this year. If you’re planning a conference or meeting, like a FreeBSD developer summit, then you need to submit a grant request application to be considered to receive funding.

Fundraising Update

We set our 2009 fundraising goal to $300,000. This is an ambitious goal considering the economy right now. But, we want to continue the same level of support to the project that we’ve provided for the last few years. One way of achieving our goal is to approach more companies that use FreeBSD. If you know of a company that uses FreeBSD that we should approach please let us know. A contact would be very helpful too.

To make a donation, click here

Thanks again for supporting the Foundation and FreeBSD!

FreeBSD Foundation requesting Project Proposals (2009)

The FreeBSD Foundation has announced the soliciting of proposal submissions for work relating to any of the major subsystems or infrastructure within the FreeBSD operating system.  A budget of $30,000 was allocated to fund multiple development projects. Proposals will be evaluated based on desirability, technical merit and cost-effectiveness.

To find out more about the proposal process please read this PDF.

Hopefully this will result in some interesting project proposals!


Thank you FreeBSD Community!

freebsd foundation logoDeb Goodkin announced on behalf of the FreeBSD Foundation their gratitude for last year’s donations.

Dear FreeBSD Community,

The FreeBSD Foundation would like to thank everyone for your donations in 2008. We are extremely grateful to everyone who dug deep in their pockets, during these hard times, to help us get very close to our goal.

We raised $282,481 towards our goal of $300,000. With the downturn in the economy, we were very concerned about getting close to our goal. By the end of November, we had only raised $190,000. We sent out a plea for
donations and we received 173 donations in December!

This year we had 450 donors, compared to 374 last year. We were impressed with all the donations received from developers and other volunteers who already put in countless hours supporting the project.

We will be posting our 2009 budget soon, so you can see how we plan to spend the funds.


The FreeBSD Foundation

Source: FreeBSD Advocacy mailinglist

Support the FreeBSD Foundation (& FreeBSD)

FreeBSD Foundation is a non-profit organisation supporting the FreeBSD Project by part-funding some BSD conferences, by giving traveling grants to FreeBSD developers so they can go to conferences, by paying some developers etc etc.

The Foundation is some $33.000 off their 2008 goal ($300,000), so if you want to show your appreciation of the work the Foundation and the Project have done so far, why not donate in order to support their work and help fund future progress?

Tomorrow, 31/12 is the last day you can do this in 2008…

FreeBSD foundation newsletter – December 2008

FreeBSD foundation logoPlease find below the FreeBSD Foundation Newsletter for December 2008.

In this Edition:

  • Letter From the Vice President
  • End-of-Year Fundraising Drive
  • Safe Removal of Active Disk Devices
  • Improvements to the FreeBSD TCP Stack
  • Network Stack Virtualization Project
  • FreeBSD Advocacy in Ticino 2008
  • NYCBSDCon 2008
  • EuroBSDCan 2008
  • meetBSD 2008
  • Foundation at meetBSD and Developer Recognition
  • 2008 Grant and Travel Grant Recipients
  • Travel Grant Recipient Spotlight
  • FreeBSD Testimonial from Hobnob, Inc.
  • Financials

Full newsletter below.

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