FreeBSD begins switch to Subversion

The FreeBSD Project has begun the switch of its source code management system from CVS to Subversion . At this point in time, FreeBSD’s developers are making changes to the base system in the Subversion repository. More

BSDTalk interview with some FreeBSD Core members

There’s a new interview on BSDTalk . This one is with a few of the FreeBSD Core Team members: Warner Losh, George V. Neville-Neil, Murray Stokely, Hiroki Sato, Robert Watson, Brooks Davis, and Philip Paeps. The interview was recorded at BSDCan2008 in Ottawa,...
new logos

new logos

There are new logos on our website which you can use. Did you know you can help us spread the knowledge and awareness of FreeBSD/PC-BSD by putting one of the new logos on your website, blog or emails and get a point every time somebody clicks on the...

BSDCan 2008

Yesterday and today the FreeBSD Developer summit took place in Ottawa, preceding the annual BSDCan 2008 conference which is starting there tomorrow. DevSummit: day 1 (Ivan Voras) DevSummit: day 1 (Philip Paeps)