for BSD torrents

There’s a great BSD torrent website that I want to bring to your attention. It’s where you can download FreeBSD 7.0, PC-BSD 1.5 and FreeSBIE 2.0.1 CD images via the Bittorrent protocol. This site was originally started in 2007 shortly after the...

FreeBSD Projects for Google SoC 2008

The FreeBSD Project was again accepted as a mentoring organisation into the Google Summer of Code. The Project is now looking for potential students, mentors and projects. If you have an idea for a potential FreeBSD related summer of code project that isn’t...
FreeBSD 7.0 VMWare image available

FreeBSD 7.0 VMWare image available

Greg Larkin has put together a FreeBSD 7.0 VMware image. The zipped image can be found on the BitTorrent tracker. Some notes about the image: The VM has been configured with 768Mb of memory. The root password is “password” ZFS is enabled by default...

BSDA Certification DVD (Spring08)

Dru Lavigne announce the availability of the Sprin08 version of the BSDA Certification DVD which can be ordered from the BSD Cert website or the BSDA Registration website. Details of the contents of the DVD, donations and bulk ordering can be found on her...
2 Friends: Beasty and Tux

2 Friends: Beasty and Tux

Oliver Herold sent me a link to a series of drawings featuring Tux and Beastie by the German graphics artist Johannes Kretzschmar which were drawn for the past Chemnitzer Linux Tag 2008. The images are available under a Creative Commons license.

ZFS best practices guide

FreeBSD 7.0 has experimental support for Sun’s ZFS (Zetabyte File System). For those wanting to experiment with it, there’s an excellent guide.