Serverauditor – SSH Shell / Console / Terminal

Serverauditor – SSH Shell / Console / Terminal

Serverauditor is a mobile SSH client for many UNIX and related interfaces, including FreeBSD. Serverauditor is available for iOS and Android, and as a desktop version Chrome plugin. Serverauditor is the most popular and innovative mobile SSH client, ever. Easily...

FreeBSD quick news and links (week 35)

Some FreeBSD related links and updates below: New NVidia FreeBSD drivers 256.53 NVidia has updated its graphics drivers for FreeBSD. Some of the changes are: Fixed a bug that prevented XvMC from initializing in most cases. Added support for xorg-server video driver...

40 years of Unix

Timeline: 40 years of Unix  Unix turns 40: The past, present and future of a revolutionary OS On the shoulders of giants: Three Unix movers and shakers The Unix family tree