FreeBSD Foundation – EuroBSDCon 2015 Recap The FreeBSD Foundation summarized their recent experience at EuroBSDCon 2015 held in Stockholm, Sweden on October 3 & 4, 2015. Congratulations to Dr. Colin Percival, Michael Dexter, Shteryana Shopova, Allan Jude, and Paul Shenkeveld for being recognized for their great contributions to the BSD community.


How-To: OwnCloud 8, Nginx, SSL on FreeBSD 10.2

Thanks to user , we can install OwnCloud 8 along with Nginx and SSL on FreeBSD 10.2.


OwnCloud is suite of application client-server for creating hosting services, it is allow you to create your own cloud storage and allow you to share your data, contacts, calendar with other users and devices. OwnCloud is open source project that provides an easy way for you to sync and share your data that is hosted in your data center. it Has a beautiful and user-friendly front-end design, so that make a user easy for browse and access the data, then share to others users. OwnCloud an online secure enterprise file sync and file sharing.

In this tutorial, I will guide you a step by step to install owncloud 8, and we use Nginx(engine-X) as web server, php-fpm and mariaDB as the database system on FreeBSD 10.2.

Full tutorial:

OPNsense 15.7.15 Released

The developers of OPNsense have made available version 15.7.15. Download it here.


Here are the full patch notes:

  • health: added feature to browse RRD data in a modern way
  • notable ports updates: strongswan 5.3.3
  • logs: added proxy server access log and updated the layout
  • users: fixed ldap import warning when no users could be found
  • dhcp6: fix IPv6 grabbing with PPPoE
  • openvpn: fix TLS auth enable behaviour in client settings
  • firewall: fix missing log option in save form
  • firewall: fix missing interface address in NAT page
  • firmware: sped up package queries and added package size column
  • wizard: multiple fixes and security improvements
  • menu: now properly translates into the selected language
  • traffic shaper: unload ipfw rules on disable


FreeNAS 10.2-ALPHA

Jordan Hubbard has announced the release of FreeNAS 10.2 ALPHA. Read the announcement before making any major updates your system.



We are very pleased to announce the first public release of FreeNAS 10, FreeNAS-10 ALPHA!

Where: <> (We are now on a CDN, so if you don’t see it in your time zone, just wait a few minutes and refresh)
Update train:  FreeNAS-10-Nightlies


FreeNAS 10 ALPHA Release Notes

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