Embedded Monowall: Installation (video tutorial)

This tutorial will guide you through copying the m0n0wall image to a compact flash card and the initial configuration of the m0n0wall on the ALIX embedded board. I will be using a VPN accelerator card since I will have about 10 IPsec tunnels actively running at one time. I would only recommend using the VPN accelerator card if you plan on maintaining several VPN tunnels at one time, otherwise it is overkill.

Read the step-by-step howto & watch the video here

FreeNAS Tutorials

Rob Lagesse has created two easy FreeNAS tutorials. These howto’s are aimed at Windows users wanting to set up a NAS server but having no or little experience with alternative operating systems. All step-by-step with many screenshots.

If you’re an advanced FreeNAS/FreeBSD user you may find these two post interesting: FreeNAS & online snapshot backups, with a script how to backup your data to an online hoster, e.g. Bluehost, or this post: Diy NAS + Xbox 360 = R0X.

FreeNAS week; 6 FreeNAS Tutorials

hddrives.jpgBack in 2006 Daily Cup of Tech had a FreeNAS week. If you’re not altogether comfortable getting FreeNAS up and running, why not have a look at FreeNAS Week series of howtos?

Have you seen the “FreeNAS, how it works” video?

FreeNAS Week – day 1: System and Skill Requirements
FreeNAS Week – day 2: Installation HowTo
FreeNAS Week – day 3: Basic Configuration
FreeNAS Week – day 4: Configuring Disks
FreeNAS Week – day 5: Windows Shares
FreeNAS Week – day 6: Setting up FTP access in FreeNAS